0 For 4

I have been to four Canucks games and all four times they have lost! I really am starting to take it personally!

The Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona is very nice and the people working there could not have been more helpful. We were wearing our Canucks jerseys so they knew we were tourists and went out of their way to help us find our way around the arena.

Nice to see the Canadian Flag flying as well as the American Flag. We do that at home but I have been to sporting events in the US where they only fly the American Flag.

The Canadian Anthem, and there was no shortage of Canucks fans to sing along 😊

The game starts!

Ryan Miller in goal.


Unfortunately once the game started the friendliness stopped! The women behind us, who was a season ticket holder, spent the whole evening telling the couple beside her, who were from Edmonton, how she could not stand the Vancouver team. Every chance she got another snide comment came out not just against our team but also the arena they play in. And then there was the fellow a few rows up from us who spent the entire game swearing at the F****** White Team (the Canucks were wearing their white away game jersey’s). Finally half way through the third period the police escorted him, and his friends, out of the arena.

There was a young boy two seats down from us who is definitely a budding Coyotes fan and he was so much fun to listen to … he had to be their loudest fan and he was having so much fun!

I will say this was the cheapest Canucks game I have attended. The tickets were $33.00 each for the first row of the second level and while that was high up we had a great view and didn’t have to worry about people standing up in front of us.

And we were behind the Canucks bench.

Parking was expensive though, $20.00 to park at the arena, or $15.00 across the street. And we didn’t even bother with the concession stand, it was just as overpriced as any other arena!

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “0 For 4

  1. Join the club. I believe we were O for Arizona after 5 or 6 games until they pulled out a win last year. They’re back again in early April if you want to try your luck then. Pay parking is news. We never paid there in the past, though we parked on the North side of the complex last time. It’s also not quite as much fun since they closed Margaritaville.

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    • I’m not sure my son-in-law would want me to try again! Despite the poor year the Canucks have had he would still like them to win 😊 Plus we won’t be in the area in April, but I might try again next year. Interesting about the parking, we will have to check that out next time.


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