It’s My Birthday!

Well really my birthday was twenty days ago but if you know me well, especially if you are my kids or hubby, you know my birthday goes on for a long time! I love my birthday, I don’t care that I’m a year older cause I still feel like I’m in my early forties, but my birthday is the one day of the year that is all mine! When I was working, friends would invite us over for dinner, or take me out for lunch and since we were all working that meant getting together on weekends … so that allowed me to stretch my birthday out over several weeks, sometime the whole month of January. When the kids were young I would tell them, beginning just after Christmas and into mid January that they had to do what I asked because it was almost, or just was, my birthday. It worked until they moved out on their own. I had to stop celebrating my birthday around January 17th because that was our daughter’s birthday and then it became all about her … although somehow she never caught on to extending her birthday to more than just the 17th!  Although I have heard her use the line on her kids 🙂

But all that fun came crashing to an end when we began going away for the winter 😦 Hubby does his best and he really does indulge me but my birthday just doesn’t last as long as it use to … really one person can only do so much! So why is today my birthday? Well hubby gave me tickets to the Canucks game in Phoenix and tonight we are going to the game. If you are not a hockey fan then shame on you, but to make this blog make sense to you I will explain. The Vancouver Canucks are British Columbia’s NHL (National Hockey League) team and tonight they are playing the Arizona Coyotes.

canucksI like to think of myself as the Canucks biggest fan but they have lost every game I have been to, so I’m not sure they are happy with me as their fan, fingers crossed that they win tonight’s game! And to top that off our daughter married a bigger Canuck fan than me! All the tables at their wedding were named after Canucks players, the head table was Luongo. Their three sons’ all have middle names after Canucks players, the oldest after Trevor “Lindon”, the middle after Daniel/Henrik “Sedin”, and the youngest after “Luc” Bourdon. I really thought the youngest was going to be a “Luongo” but Luc Bourdon had passed away in a motorcycle accident early in his career and our son-in-law thought he was promising player.

So now hubby and I are donning our Canucks jersey’s, going out for another “birthday dinner” and then off to the game.

Until next time …


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