Quartzite RV Show

I remember writing in my blog last year that I didn’t think we would go to the Quartzite RV Show again and yet we went again! The main reason we have been hanging around Quartzite was to meet up with friends, Driving Miss Murphy, and another other couple, who drove up from Yuma on Monday to go to the RV Show. It was fun to visit as we were wandering around the show, which is the reason we went again this year 🙂

Every January as many as one million people, mostly in RV’s, converge on the sleepy little desert town of Quartzite. Driving down I-10, looking either north or south of the interstate, and for as far as you can see, RV’s are camped out in the desert. Some, like us, are on BLM land where, once you obtain your free permit, you can camp for fourteen days. Others are camped in the LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) where you can stay for two weeks for $40.00 or all winter for $180.00. Unlike the BLM land, the LTVA areas have sani-dumps, water, and garbage facilities.

These are pictures from around us on the BLM Land, not nearly as crowded as the LTVA lands!More than 3,000 vehicles roam the streets of Quartzite each day of the show!

The fellow from Camping World, that did our service work, told hubby that they sell at least twenty RV’s during the month they are set up here. I also heard that dealers, in total, sell over 600 RV’s during the week of the show, not to mention all the other RV related items they sell!

After we were done walking through the show area the six of us converged on the local Yacht Club for lunch. Click here to see more info on the Quartzite Yacht Club and our membership.

Until next time …


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