We Are Not Alone!

We had a half decent sunrise today, the best one since we arrived at Quartzite, which is surprising since every other time we have been here they have been spectacular!

The big show is going to start on Saturday and the desert around Quartzite is filling up. We are not camped near the show but people are moving in in droves!


The weather is cold and rainy today so we decided to head into Yuma for a stop at Starbucks because they have great internet, which is sadly lacking in Quartzite, and an added bonus, a latté for me 🙂  Then we will head over to our Yuma RV Park to do laundry and some visiting.

On our way down Highway 95 we saw a blimp sitting on the ground off in the distance and thought we should check it out.

We found a road and turned onto it and came across this sign.

And a little further up we came across the sign.

So taking the hint, we drove no further, but I still managed to get a picture.

After we turned back on Highway 95 we noticed a Border Patrol vehicle parked up high on a hill and I’m sure he was watching us! After our last encounter with the Border Patrol helicopters and now this I think we should be on our best behavior 🙂

Until next time …


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