Our Corner of the Desert :-)

We are settled in at BLM Land just west of Quartzite. Hubby spent time raking our site and fixing up the fireplace.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are sure this area will be far busier than it usually is when we stay, but we think we are positioned so that nobody will be in front of us.

I’m sure there will be several units behind us but I can close the blinds if I need to. You can see a few of our close neighbours but they are still far enough away that we don’t hear any talking or noise 🙂

And we love being back among the Saguaro’s 🙂

Blogs may be spotty over the next week since we have no cellular data out in the desert and I even have a tough time getting it right in Quartzite, although we do have excellent cell service so we can get phone calls. We have also found the Internet at various fast food places in Quartzite is pretty weak so it is hard to post anything. And really I can’t boar you with blogs everyday about how we are enjoying the quiet, reading our books, taking walks, and sitting around the fire at night 🙂

Until next time …


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