We woke up yesterday morning to no wind, yippee! It was a great morning for the balloons and I will let the pictures tell the story 🙂

We started with the shaped balloons setting up.  Gus T Guppy is on the right and Sushi is on the left.

Sushi, now on the right, moved in to kiss Gus T Guppy 🙂

This big fellow is Pegleg Pete, he took a long time to inflate!

Group shot!

Lovebirds on the left and I’m Bananas II on the right. Fire Truck is tucked in behind.

Another group shot, this one includes the bees.

Fire Truck taking off, the basket looks so small with the balloon towering overhead!

These guys were cute and very coordinated, they all rose at the same time! On the left is Joey Bee, in the middle is Lilly Bee, and on the right is Joelly Baby Bee, and Fire Truck photo bombing the shot. Notice that Joey has red feet, Lilly has blue feet, and Joelly has purple feet from the mixing of Joey’s red feet and Lilly’s blue feet 🙂  They also mixed their names to make Joelly.

Mommy and daddy share a kiss, while Joelly is looking the other way 🙂

And the mass ascension!


Do you remember the retro trailer picture I posted yesterday?

He was even cooler today because his tow vehicle joined him!

Until next time …


5 thoughts on “Success!

  1. What a grand day indeed! You finally got your group take off photo:) The shape balloons are so darn cute! Poor firetruck balloon…all wet:( Now that is a neat retro vehicle/trailer. I imagine the owner spends most of his time doing a lot of talking to the curious. Not exactly the way to go if you are an introvert:)

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