A Night Visit To The Festival

The winds calmed down a bit yesterday afternoon so we headed back to the festival hoping to watch the evening ascension. It is an easy one-mile walk from our RV to the festival grounds, which is what we usually do, but the bus arrived just as we were walking by so we caught a ride. The bus stops at two other parks to pick up passengers and on the way we caught site of two balloons getting ready to set off. We were told that some balloons were setting off in other areas of the island because the winds were better than at the festival grounds.

By the time we got off the school bus at the festival grounds the balloon was coming right over top of us and looked like it was landing on the roof of the school bus!


You may also be happy to know that football is alive and well again 🙂

I was able to get shots of individual balloons but I still wasn’t able to get my sky full of balloons shot 😦


Alas, the football and his friend did not fair so well!

It also wasn’t the best ride for six other balloons, as they didn’t make it back to the fairgrounds.


I was trying to get a decent picture of this balloon, it was my favorite … I loved the colors! And then we noticed it carried a Canadian flag.

We had noticed a trailer from British Columbia yesterday morning so we were hoping that this was their balloon. We finally found the trailer later in the evening and sure enough my favorite balloon is from BC. Now I just need to get a decent picture of it!

The couple who own the balloon are from Osoyoos, not far from our home town. I spoke with the husband who told me his wife chose the colors and he wasn’t fond of all the pink, but he does get lots of compliments … so the moral … always trust your wife!

By the time the balloons were getting ready for the night glow the wind picked up and only a few were able to stay up … and then for only a short time.

I like this fish balloon 🙂

Fingers crossed that the wind behaves today!

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “A Night Visit To The Festival

    • It would have been interesting to see how they did it. It’s also possible they managed to lift off again. If the wind ever dies down and the balloons come back out I will try and find the football and ask them how it went


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