The Rise And Fall Of Football

Remember how I mentioned last week that football was the be all and end all of sports in Arizona? Well early this morning we saw the rise and fall of football … however soccer stayed strong!

We arrived at the balloon field just after 7:00 a.m. and the balloon teams were slowly setting up. It was interesting to watch and I did take a lot of pictures but I thought, rather than post a bunch of miscellaneous pictures, I would show you the set up of three balloons.

It started with the balloon teams laying out the football and soccer ball balloons.

2017-01-13-001-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-002-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-003-lake-havasu-balloon-festival

And then the balloons began to inflate.

2017-01-13-004-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-006-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-008-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-011-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-012-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-014-lake-havasu-balloon-festival

And the football rises to it’s full height …. and of course so does the soccer ball but this story is about football 🙂


Now it’s time for the third balloon to inflate, this one was interesting because the people got fully involved and somewhat taken over by the balloon 🙂


(All you can see are her feet, I hope she gets out!)

All you can see are her feet, I hope she gets out!

Now the other guy is disappearing!

Now the other guy is disappearing!

But no worries they managed to get out in time.

But no worries they managed to get out in time.

It’s time to light the burners and get the balloon upright.

2017-01-13-021-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-022-lake-havasu-balloon-festival

Finally all three balloons are standing tall and proud!

2017-01-13-023-lake-havasu-balloon-festivalBut wait …. It’s the fall of football!

2017-01-13-024-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-025-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-027-lake-havasu-balloon-festival

However you will notice the soccer ball is standing tall!


Actually to be fair to football it was just the first balloon to come down, it was too windy for them to fly and shortly after all the balloons were deflated.

As we walked back to the RV Park we did see a few balloons in the air but they had taken off from a different area on the island.

2017-01-13-047-lake-havasu-balloon-festival 2017-01-13-048-lake-havasu-balloon-festival

Hopefully we will have better luck this afternoon.

Until next time …


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