A Not So Busy Day :-)

The weather has been cold and overcast so we haven’t been out riding our bikes or walking which left us with the question of what to do today. Well the number one thing pressing on my mind was for hubby to fix the puzzle app on my iPad. I know, I’m sure your thinking “that’s a big deal!”, but yes to me it is. Every morning, once I finish reading my blogs and doing my banking, I play my puzzles for a little while and a few days ago they quit working. Hubby figured the only way to fix it was to restore my iPad, which he warned me may cause me to loose all my puzzles. Not a great option but I was desperate so I agreed, but to do that he needed Internet so off we went to Starbucks … a win win for me 🙂

It took him awhile but he was able to get my puzzles up and running again but I had to re-download all the free puzzles and puzzles I had earned during the time I played. Since that was taking a long time we decided to go back to College Street Brewhouse for lunch, and more blueberry beer!

It is pretty entertaining sitting by the window watching the beer come off the line and get packaged. The Bottling Manager noticed us watching the production line and took some time to come out and ask us if we had any questions, how impressive is that! This restaurant is definitely worth a visit and the burgers are awesome!

They are starting to set up at the Balloon Festival Grounds and last night we watch the Ferris wheel going round and round which made some interesting pictures.

Tomorrow we will be up and out bright and early for the first day, fingers crossed the weather holds out!

And in case you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned the London Bridge, hubby and I stayed in Lake Havasu our first year and I wrote about it then.

Until next time …


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