Lake Havasu, AZ

I posted yesterday’s blog before the sun came up but I should have waited so I could have included this picture!

The sunrises are getting better … I hate to leave.

We are now set up in our site at the Marina in Lake Havasu. The balloon festival is on the weekend but we choose to take advantage of the cheap weekly rate. Coming in on Monday also allowed us a better selection of sites and less people arriving all at once. Camping is in a large gravel parking lot and there are no hookups. All the sites have a fire lane behind them so at least you don’t have people butting up to the back of your RV. We were also able to get a site with a very wide fire lane beside us so we have lots of space, and there is no camping in front of us so we can see the city.

There will be nobody between us and the motorhome on the left!

All these sites should be full by Friday.

And we can also see the lake.

I’m sure this place will look much different by the weekend and will be much busier!

I have to share this picture I took of our rear view camera as we were driving yesterday … it looks like there is snow on the side of the road!

It was overcast and the roads were a little damp, which I think is the reason I had flashbacks of winter roads in BC 🙂 Really it is just salt in the dirt that makes the sides of the road look that way.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Lake Havasu, AZ

  1. Welcome to Lake Havasu City! Have you visited us before? If you haven’t already, please do remember to check out for activities, dining, and the event calendar, in addition to the local happenings link, which will direct you to other smaller events, such as bands, etc. For the Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair this weekend, based on weather, the pilots make their decisions at the last minute before the morning and afternoon ascension, so it’s best just to head over (especially being so close!) or to check the Festival’s Facebook page, which is where they are expected to post updates. Enjoy your stay in Lake Havasu City! We’re glad you’re here – Jackie, Director of Event Marketing, Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau

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