Not Moving On :-)

After I posted my blog yesterday hubby and I decided to stay where we are for a few more days. Partially because he now has my cold, actually he has his own cold because I still have mine, but mainly because we only have a three-hour drive to our next location and we don’t have to be there until Monday.

We are really enjoying this location; it’s peaceful and only twenty minutes from shopping if we need anything. I do love our time at our RV Park in Yuma and all our friends and activities there, but I also love our time out in the desert where it is only hubby and I and solitude … although yesterday it was also fun to have friends come out from Yuma for happy hour 🙂

Do you remember the dead and not so dead Ocotillo pictures I posted the other day? On our walk yesterday we noticed some of the Ocotillo are beginning to sprout leaves. Once they are lush with leaves they are a very pretty cactus, especially once their red tips start blooming.

I thought I would use today’s blog to reassure all our concerned friends and love ones that we really are safe camping in the desert, although we do appreciate your concernJ You have to remember the desert is flat, with almost no tall trees, and you can see and hear for miles. While we are, or were until yesterday, camped on our own with no close neighbours, there are other RVs around.

The unit on the right moved in yesterday but you can see other RV’s in the distance who have been here since we arrived.

Plus we also have a few security options in place. I sleep with the truck keys beside so me so that I can set off the alarm to attract attention if the need arises, and we have few other things (not a gun!) that hubby says I shouldn’t write about. We don’t camp anywhere that doesn’t feel safe to us because we love you all and want to return home to you. And as a final safety measure, just in case something dreadful happens, I always text our GPS coordinates to our daughter so she can send help if she doesn’t hear from us 🙂

Until next time …


3 thoughts on “Not Moving On :-)

  1. Did you get a pit bull? Glad you are keeping safe cuz that boondocking kinda scares the crap out of me. Does your daughter have that app that shows her where you are at any given time? My sister has it and can see where her wanderlust daughter is. Its pretty cool. Keep safe my friends, we want you back here for coffee Tuesdays. 🙂

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    • Now there’s an idea … too bad I don’t like pit bulls! Not the least bit surprised you don’t like boondockimg 😊 And no daughter doesn’t have that app, I still need some privacy … but she does have access to our RV calendar so she knows where we are every night.


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