Having a Hoot at Hooters :-)

What used to be a Logan’s is now a Hooter’s restaurant in Yuma and honestly hubby and I have had no interested in checking it out … until last night.

Here’s the story of a hoot at Hooters 🙂

Starting on Boxing Day every year the World Juniors Hockey Tournament begins. This is where hockey players between the ages of fourteen and nineteen leave their home teams and join their national team to compete in the tournament. This year’s tournament featured thirty-one games between ten nations. For as long as I can remember I have faithfully watched the tournament, but once we started heading south for the winter, I was relegated to watching my TSN app refresh every thirty seconds with the score. This year I watched the first few games when we were home for Christmas, but once we returned to Yuma I was determined to find a way to watch the games on TV. I was somewhat successful on the afternoon of New Years Eve when Brewer’s restaurant agreed to put the game on one of their TVs. Hubby, Chauffeur of Driving Miss Murphy, and I settled in to watch Canada play the US, the only downfall was watching the game without sound. There was a football game on and down here hockey does not trump Football 🙂

So when it turned out Canada was playing against the US again for the gold medal I began a quest to find a restaurant that would not only play the game but would also play sound. I found a few that were willing to turn on the game but no sound, since it wasn’t a football game … until hubby suggested I call the new Hooters Sports Bar. The manager, Dave, could not have been more helpful! Not only did he know what the World Juniors were, he also knew what time both the bronze and gold medal games started. Dave told me he was from Wisconsin and was a big hockey fan! He was more than willing to reserve a table for the six of us but he told me that not even he, the manager, could turn the sound on a hockey game up when there was football game on. But Dave did have a compromise, if we were willing to dress warm and sit on the patio he would make sure we had sound. Score! We are Canadian’s, we can put on long pants, wear a coat and sit on the patio, especially when its to watch a hockey game … and it wasn’t really that cold!

We had a super fun evening having drinks, dinner, and cheering on Team Canada with Driving Miss Murphy and another couple, who are friends from home.

And how did the night end? Well I guess that depends on whether or not you are one of my American blogger friends or one of my Canadian blogger friends.  It was a really good game and both teams played well … so well that the game went through a twenty minute sudden death overtime period and ended up in a shootout. Despite a really good try Canada did not win the Gold, but they should be very proud that they are taking home the Silver metal!

Yes we definitely had a hoot at Hooters.

Until next time …


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