Mittry Lake, Arizona

Oops I thought I had posted this blog last week but I guess I forgot to hit the publish button 🙂

Yesterday hubby and I took a drive to Mittry Lake, about forty minutes from our RV Park. This is a location that hubby has on his boondocking list so we thought we would check it out without Maxx. The route is paved up until the last mile and a half and winds through vegetable fields. Once you hit the gravel portion the road is lined with scrub, whose colors reminded me of a road in British Columbia in the fall.

The Mittry Lake Wildlife Area consists of 600 acres of water, that is 10 feet deep at most, and 2400 acres of marshland. This lake is a very popular fishing ground and there is a boat launch and several large parking areas. There are also several jetty’s lined with palm trees that I read are great for fishing.

You can camp overnight beside the jetty’s, but there are also many other great areas for boondocking.

This was our favorite site, hopefully it’s open when we come here to camp.

The area is beautiful and with it’s close location to Yuma, only about 20 minutes from the Yuma Palms shopping area, it definitely ranks high on our boondocking list!

Until next time …

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