This And That

We had a great week at home visiting with family and friends but when we pulled back into the RV Park at 2:00 a.m. this morning and it was 60F, 15.5C, I did a little happy dance! I’m not sure what I was happier about, jumping into my own bed and snuggling up with my comfy pillow; waking up in the morning and using my electric toothbrush; or putting my flip flops and toe rings back on and walking out into the sunshine.

Our flight home was great and we had a very easy time clearing through customs. We made it through the first entry point quickly, in fact we came off the plane and there were so many stations open that we walked right up to the officer. I expected some questions because I had checked off a box on our customs declaration form about bring seeds into the US  (I was bring back high fiber bread that had seeds in it) but even that was no big deal. The next entry point was after you pick up your checked luggage, but hubby and I took carry-on so we walked right up to that entry point as well.

We found the truck safely tucked into it’s spot right were we left it, paid our $80.00 for parking, and headed back to Yuma. It was a very uneventful drive until we were about fifteen miles north of Yuma, on Highway 95, and we saw what we are pretty sure was a Border Patrol helicopter searching the desert with a spotlight. This assertion is based on my expert opinion after many hours of watching Border Security 🙂

I took the picture below a few years ago at the Yuma Airshow.

They use these helicopters a lot in the TV show but I was surprised at how small they are.

The helicopter was flying very low, practically on the desert floor, with its spotlight moving back and forth. Hubby slowed down to a crawl and we watch for a bit, but then we came to our senses and moved on. Either the helicopter was going to become interested in us, or whoever was fleeing from the helicopter was going to become interest in us. Either way we decided, that while it was very entertaining to watch what was going on, we had better move on.

By 3:00 a.m. we were both enjoying a good nights sleep and we finally got out of bed just before 11:00 a.m., which really in BC time was 10:00 a.m., so we didn’t sleep in that late … we just need some time to adjust to the hours time loss.

Since we took carry-on hubby had to leave his pocketknife with Maxx for safe keeping while we were away. I think he was as happy to see his knife as I was to see my flip flops 🙂  Once the decision was made as to which of his three knives he should carry … I chose the small one because it was cute, hubby just rolled his eyes and put the small one in his pocket … we headed out to get groceries. By mid afternoon the temperature was up to 72F, 22C., yes it’s good to be back in the south.

Until next time …


6 thoughts on “This And That

  1. “…waking up in the morning and using my electric toothbrush; or putting my flip flops and toe rings back on and walking out into the sunshine.”

    Oh sure, while we are here trying to clean up from the white Christmas you asked for and we delivered!

    Glad to spend Christmas with you Sis! We’ll send you a bill for the cleanup. 🙂

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