A Great Day For A Hike … Well A Better Day For A Drive :-)

During our time in Yuma we have been taking some day trips to areas that are possible boondocking locations for us in January. Yesterday morning was very windy and a little chilly so dressed in warm clothes, we packed a lunch, and headed out to Palm Canyon Road in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. After we turned off Highway 95 onto the gravel road into Palm Canyon the scenery was even more beautiful and the Saguaro Cactus more plentiful!

The Kofa Mountains rise from the Sonoran Desert and reach a height of 4,877 feet. The refuge is 664,327 acres and was established in 1939 for the conservation of desert bighorn sheep and other native wildlife.

We drove to the end of the road and decided to take the Palm Canyon Hike, even though it was cold and windy. The hike was only a one-mile return trip so we figured we could brave it 🙂


The trail is steep and rocky and leads to a viewpoint where California fan palms are located. We had hike in a half mile and appeared to be at the end of the trail but we didn’t see any palms.

On our way back to the truck we ran into a couple from England and we stopped to have a long chat. We had noticed their Land Rover and trailer, with British license plates, parked in the desert as we came up the road. They have had an amazing trip so far, sending their vehicle and trailer over to Halifax by barge, driving across Canada and up through Alaska, and then down to Arizona. The next part of their trip involves shipping the vehicle and trailer from Los Angeles to Ecuador to continue on their travels. They were looking for an RV Park in Yuma with decent Internet so we recommended our park. Unfortunately they will arrive just as we fly home for Christmas on Wednesday, which is really to bad because we would have love to hear more of their stories.

On our drive back to Highway 95 we checked out a few possible boondocking spots for January … it will be hard to choose, as there are many great sites.

I love the way the top of this Saguaro twists!

This spot ranks high on our list 🙂

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge allows you to stay for up to fourteen days each calendar year.

Until next time …


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