Christmas Dinner … Take Two

I wasn’t going to write a blog about our second Christmas Dinner the other night but I’m still thinking about it 🙂  Even though we have been heading south for four years now it still amazes me that we can be in shorts and t-shirts in December, and that really hit home when we sat outside for our recent turkey dinner!

Hubby wanted to use his turkey fryer again so we invited two other couples to join us for dinner. While we could have fit around our table inside it would have been crowed, so I was very happy when it was warm enough to eat outside. After dinner we sat around the fire and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

But I have to admit I am happy that it snowed at home and hope it’s still around when we fly home for Christmas.

Until next time …


7 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner … Take Two

      • We went out and shovelled three times today, plus N made one pass with the snowblower. Don’t worry – even if it stops snowing now (please), I think there will be lots for you. It’s going down to the minus teens Celsius tonight and won’t be above freezing til after Christmas. This is all your fault, you know!

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      • Well I could say I’m sorry, but really I’m not 🙂 You and N could always come south for the winter and join us, then you would avoid the snow and cold weather!


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