Savor Yuma

Last night we enjoyed the Savor Yuma progressive dining experience with two other couples. For $55.00 each we boarded a bus at the Yuma Visitor Centre and cruised to three local restaurants. Our first stop was the Radisson Hotel where we enjoyed three different types of flat bread and a drink. The servings were very generous and much more than we needed for an appetizer.

Our second stop was the The Press Café and Bistro where we had a large cup of Chicken Pot Pie soup and a very tasty home made roll. The restaurant is owned by a young couple that moved to Yuma from New York three years ago and enjoy making great home made meals and deserts. Both the roll and soup were delicious, but the soup was pretty rich after eating flat bread liberally laced with cheese. We were also given a two lemon bars each, individually packaged so we could take them home, for dessert.

The last stop on the tour was Julianna’s Patio Café which, according to their website, is recognized as the perfect location to “pop the question” and I can see why! We had dinner outside in the courtyard, surrounded by overhead heaters, tropical plants, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and it was very beautiful!

I didn’t take my camera so not the best pic, but it was a beautiful location!

Our dinner was a small bowl of Fettuccini Alfredo with Garlic Toast. At first I wanted to pass on dinner. since all we had eaten was very rich food, but I did taste the fettuccini and was surprised at the sauce. The sauce wasn’t overly rich and had a hint of lemon and either cinnamon or nutmeg, and was so good we took the leftovers home. The garlic toast was way to garlicky for me but I’m sure others would like it. We also enjoyed a glass of wine with our meal.

Overall we had a fun time with good friends but we did find the food to be very heavy and rich … we will be taking an extra long walk tomorrow!

Until next time …


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