Black Friday

Really this blog has nothing to do with Black Friday other than that is what today is for all the shoppers out there … and that isn’t us 🙂  But if that’s you thing I hope you had a great day, not too many crowds, and got what you wanted for a fantastic price.

Hubby has spent the last two days polishing Maxx’s front cap, other than a break for a delicious dinner and an entertaining time with twenty or so people at his cousins house yesterday.

Maxx’s front cap has been badly oxidized for the last eighteen months and even though hubby has used a professional product to remove the oxidization, he has never found a wax that maintains it once he is done. We are now at the point were we will probably have to have the cap repainted.

This summer an RV Repair Tech for the company we purchased Maxx from told us it was probably a warranty issue but of course by the time we found that out it was no longer covered 😦

In the course of his on going research this fall hubby came across Trewax and purchased a can.  After two days of cut polishing and waxing, Maxx’s front cap looks amazing!

You can still see the oxidization but the whole cap looks way better and should hold us off until we can have it repainted.

We are now packing up and heading out for some dry camping in the desert near Borrego Springs with our Driving Miss Murphy friends. Although it is Thanksgiving weekend in the States, so fingers crossed we find a spot.

Until next time …


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    • Thanks so much for the nomination Diana, I am truly honoured! I would love to accept but most of the blogs I follow have more than a 1000 followers … but you have encouraged me to continue to hunt for new blogs to read 😊

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