It’s Been Three Years!

Three years ago yesterday we started our Snowbird Adventures, and what an adventure it’s been! Like this year, we also got a late start our first year due to my broken foot and my Dad being in the hospital, but both times we made it south without hitting too much snow. Actually our first year we hit the most snow, and icy roads, in Southern Texas, which was a surprise to us. That first year we travelled all the way to the Florida Keys and back. The next two years we stuck to the Southwestern US and this year we attempted to hit the Florida Keys again, starting with our across Canada trip. Those plans changed and now we are back in the Southwestern US for the winter … not that I’m complaining, I am happy to be here 🙂

Our next three days will be filled with chores … Maxx needs and really good cleaning both inside and out. We will also enjoy our time in the pool and hot tub.

Until next time …


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