Warm Weather :-)

We had nice sunny skies and temps in the mid 70F, low 20C in Bakersfield and yesterday we hit 85F, 30C, in Palm Desert … 2016/2017 snowbird year has officially begun 🙂

The Walmart and Lowes parking lots were full of RVs on Saturday night and we were surprised when we left before eight yesterday to see that there were only a few left. We decided that was because they were all heading south and had the same idea as us, get through the LA area early Sunday morning and avoid as much traffic as possible.

Just as we were starting to climb the pass on I-5 at Grapevine, CA we encountered a rolling roadblock.

I’m sure the truckers were not happy as they had all gained speed to make the hill and all the sudden they were brought down to a slow crawl. We thought there must have been an accident or some police incident ahead of us, but then we saw some smoke and a helicopter with a water bucket.

Still some smoke after the helicopter dumped it’s bucket of water.

It turned out to be a very small fire in the hill beside the interstate but given all the forest fires California has been battling they were not fooling around with this one!

After that adventure, traffic was steady but not bad and we are now settled in our RV Park. 

We are going to enjoy the next five nights in the Palm Desert area and spend US Thanksgiving with hubby’s cousin and family.

Until next time …


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