A Slow Start

We woke up to heavy winds yesterday, the type you don’t want to drive an RV in, so we enjoyed an extra long lie in and coffee in bed. Hubby spent his time updating the maps on our blog and I spent my time doing puzzles on my iPad. Fortunately the wind died down and we were able to get on the road just before eleven.

As we were heading down I-5 through Stockton we noticed a sign that directed traffic to the Port of Stockton. We both looked at each other and said “Stockton has a port? It’s an inland city?”. About a mile up the interstate I noticed a huge ship towering above the buildings, so now we had to look it up on the Internet. I tried to get a picture of the ship but that was about the same time we needed to turn off the interstate so I figured it was more important that I navigate than take pictures … but it was a tough call 🙂

The Port of Stockton is a deep water port, 35 feet (10 meters), on the San Joaquin River and handles both container ships and bulk cargo. The Port is part of California’s Green Trade Corridor Marine Highway because ships move cargo much greener than truck and trains. Now I have to add Stockton to the lists of places I want to visit!

We spent the night in the parking lot at Lowes as the close at nine and the Walmart on the other side of the parking lot is open twenty-four hours. I have no pictures to share today but I don’t like posting a blog without at least one picture, so I will leave you with a picture of palm trees because they made me smile and feel warm.

Canary Island Date Palm – Picture taken through 100 year old glass windows on the Napa Valley Wine Train.


Until next time …


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