A Visit To The Capital

One of our planned stops this year was Sacramento but for various reasons it was dropped from the list … and then it was back on the list … and then it was dropped from the list … but the stars aligned and it made it back on the list!

In a perfect world we would have spent two days in the area but we realized we would then be driving through LA traffic on Monday instead of Sunday. Since we had a short drive to Lodi today we decided to go back to our original plan and stay at a Passport America Park rather than Walmart. Now we could leave Maxx at the RV Park and make the half hour drive into Sacramento, tour around, and still be on track for going through the LA area on Sunday. I love it when a plan comes together!

Unfortunately we never made it to the State Building because traffic was in a snarl in the downtown area but we did have a great time visiting Old Sacramento.

Beautiful cobblestone streets!

We watched them working on this old sailing ship while we ate dinner.

And we also enjoyed watching the sun set over the old bridge while eating dinner 🙂

Beautiful old buildings … I love the old doors!

And the best part of the day … the boots have been put away and the flip flops are back on … and you know my motto … Life is better in flip flops 🙂

Until next time …




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