Goodbye Chance of Snow :-)

Now that we are in California I think we can safely say our chances of hitting snow are behind us. We spent our first night in Washington, our second night in Oregon, and our third night in California. A little faster trip than we like and days that went over our usual three hour driving time but now we can slow down.

The roads were good yesterday but there was snow covering the sides of the road from Bend to Klamath Falls.

Mount Shasta was looking majestic under blue sky.

I think Mount Shasta looks like it is floating in this picture.

We passed through the California agriculture inspection station and were all prepared to declare our peppers and celery but they didn’t ask about vegetables. That’s new from last year, we were told then that peppers, celery, and cucumbers were okay. This year they asked if we had fruit or plants, we have never been asked about plants before.

Our plan to stay at Walmart in Anderson, California was a bust 😦  There were signs all over the lot stating no overnight RV parking. Since Red Bluff was only twenty minutes away we headed to Walmart there and found a great spot in the back corner 🙂

Today we are headed to Walmart in Lodi, California. We do plan to slow down and find places to stay other than Walmart but when we are only stopping overnight we just can’t bring ourselves to pay $40.00 for an RV Park.

Until next time …

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