Take Two

It felt like a rerun of three and half months ago yesterday morning when we said goodbye to our daughter and her family but we are feeling positive that we won’t return home until we want to this time 🙂  The other day I told our nine year old grandson that he wouldn’t have time to miss us because we would be home again in five weeks for Christmas. This morning he very firmly told me that it was actually five weeks and one day! I think the one day was almost a breaking point but he let us hit the road.

We had a good travel day yesterday and arrived at Walmart in Yakima right around dinnertime. We started our day with heavy rains liberally laced with slush and as we were leaving town the hills were dusted with snow but almost as soon as we crossed the border the sun came out and we had to put on our sunglasses.

The driveway only puddles up like that when we have very heavy rain!

 There was no traffic at the border crossing and we were through quickly, after the usual agriculture inspection. The only interesting question we had this time was “Who was driving?”. I’m not sure why the agriculture inspection person asked that but she was satisfied with hubby doing the driving … that makes two of us 🙂

It was still light out when we hit Ephrata and the weather was good so we decided to push on to Walmart in Yakima, which will get us into Bend, Oregon earlier today … and that means more tax free outlet shopping time for me!

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “Take Two

  1. Perfect timing to get out of town. Hope you get lots of rest and relaxation at your home-away-from-home – you’ve both earned it ! Perhaps we’ll see you in December? Safe travels.


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