This Groundhog Saw Her Shadow :-)

groundhogWhich means there is sun in our future because I received the go ahead to travel from my specialist this morning!! The rest of the day was spent running last minute errands and packing up Maxx for his travels. Really packing Maxx takes no time at all, we just add the Christmas decorations (that we store in our daughters shed for the summer), empty the fridge and we are good to go. Oh, and I did take advantage of free laundry to wash all the bedding and towels 🙂

Tomorrow we will hook up Maxx and park him at the mall while we meet up with our regular Tuesday coffee group, and then we will head south. Our planned route looks good and so far no snow, but keep your fingers crossed because we are getting a lot of rain at home … and you know what happens to rain at higher elevations 😦  But seriously, hubby’s route has us at some of the lowest elevations possible, so I think we will be good.

Our next post, the Wi-Fi gods willing, will be from Camp Walmart in Ephrata, Washington.

 Until next time …


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