A Boring Three Weeks

We have been home for almost six weeks and while the first three weeks where a flurry of doctor’s appointments and other medical appointments, the last three weeks have been relatively boring … which isn’t a bad thing 🙂

We have visited with family and friends, spent a day bowling with one of our grandsons, enjoyed many family dinners with our daughter’s family, and spent time with Royalty! Well okay, we didn’t actually spend time with Prince William and Princess Kate, but we did watch their entourage drive through town.


We watched the entourage from an overpass but our daughter and her four children watched them from street level and Prince William rolled down his window and waved to them, they were all pretty excited when they arrived home 🙂

Tomorrow we head down to Vancouver for a visit with hubby’s family and on Tuesday we will meet with my surgeon in preparation for my surgery on Thursday. I won’t bore you all with details but I will tell you that I have been feeling great the last three weeks so I expect the surgery will go well and we will be back on the road by the end of November.

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “A Boring Three Weeks

  1. That was fun watching the entourage go through with you guys! It was interesting to see the RCMP clear the highway ahead of them. I’m glad you posted because your pictures are much better than mine!

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