Hello Again :-)

Have you wondered were we are? Well definitely not were we expected to be! Our journey has come full circle and we are back home in our daughter’s driveway.

Last we left you we had visited Niagara-on-the-Lake and where heading out to see Niagara Falls the next day. We were all set to do that, I was drying the last of the dishes and hubby was out talking to our neighbours, when I had the most intense stomach pain. Several hours later I couldn’t stand it anymore and hubby took to me Emergency. Two days later our daughter and my sister had flown out and the next day the three of us flew home. Our two sons flew out to Toronto that day and spent the next four, very long days, driving home with hubby.

The only real look I had of the falls. Hubby had the chance to visit them a few more times when he took our daughter and my sister and again the next night when he took our two sons. We will just have to visit them again so that I can have a chance to photograph them 🙂

So now we are back home with family and friends and our life is taking a different turn, how different we really don’t know right now, but all that matters is we have people who love us and are here to support us. Our hopes are that Maxx Trails will continue and we are keeping our thoughts positive in that direction.

And in case you have ever wondered … We had absolutely no problem with getting care out of our home province of British Columbia. Hubby was informed by the hospital in Niagara Falls that the province of Ontario would bill the province of British Columbia for my medical treatment and all they needed was my BC Health Care Number 🙂

The Wawa Goose. Apparently it was a real faux-pas that the goose didn’t make the blog during our trip through Wawa so hubby made sure to get a picture when they drove through Wawa on their return trip 🙂

Until next time …

11 thoughts on “Hello Again :-)

    • I’m sure the SST Goose was very happy that you cared enough to ask about him 😊 I did some reading on him when you first mentioned him and it looks like his days, are sadly, numbered. Thanks so much for the Happy Hour invite, we would both love to get together with you and Sylvia before you head south and will be in touch if things allow.

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  1. Purely selfish I know, but I am happy you are back in Kelowna, Seeing your blogs is great, but seeing you in person is waaaay better. 🙂 We are thinking of you daily, and hoping its back to coffee and wine times soon!


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