Navigating Around Toronto!!!

Hubby and I have no problem driving around Vancouver and the lower mainland of British Columbia, and Vancouver is Canada’s second largest city, so we expected Toronto to be a little more of a challenge but we weren’t to worried. Well Toronto and area are much more congested than Vancouver and area! It was a bit of a challenge getting around the city out towards Niagara Falls but other than one wrong turn right at the beginning, and that turned out to work in our favour as we bypassed the stalled traffic at the exit we should have turned onto, we made it through with no problems. Holly did her job but it took both of us to make it work, hubby watching the traffic and me watching Holly and calling out lanes to move into and exits to take. I have no idea how one person in a vehicle can drive and watch their nav system!

We arrived safely in Niagara Falls, got set up at the RV Park, had lunch, and then headed out to do our grocery shopping. Once that was done we headed back to get the laundry done but we did take a quick drive by the falls … because we were both just so excited to see the falls and we just couldn’t wait 🙂

A taste of what’s to come

A quick look at the falls on the US side, the ones on the Canadian side a far more impressive!

Any thought we had of parking and taking a closer look was quickly tossed away when we saw that parking costs $22.00! We are here until Friday so as long as the weather holds today we will take the bus down to the falls and spend the day doing touristy things. Expect tomorrows blog to be full of pictures of the falls 🙂

Until next time …



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