We Are Beyond Superior :-)

Well maybe we, personally, are not but that’s what both hubby and I said to each other as we left Sault St. Marie yesterday, with Lake Superior in our rear view mirror, and followed the shores of Lake Huron.

We passed many of these signs …

Sorry for the blurry pic, I took it fast as hubby was sailing down the road!

We did see a horse and buggy but I wasn’t able to get a picture.

There’s not much to tell you about yesterday’s drive. We did stop at a picnic area along the Serpent River and shortly after a vehicle, from British Columbia that we had passed earlier in the day, pulled in. We had a good chat and the topic of fuel costs came up. They are driving a small Volkswagen and have spent $190.00 in fuel so far, and they left from the west coast like us. We have spent $1,400 so far, although we all agreed that travelling with our own washroom is almost worth the extra cost 🙂

There was a sign in the picnic area recommending a visit to the waterfall on the Serpent River so we checked it out … hmm I wouldn’t call that a waterfall!

The highlight of our day though came in the form of a little justice. An idiot driver made a risky move to pass us and once past us we watch him make the same risky moves to pass other vehicles. Justice came when he was pulled over by the Ontario police … in a construction zone … big fine for him 🙂

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “We Are Beyond Superior :-)

  1. If the small VW was a vintage Westphalia, it was likely my cousin Anne Marie and Todd. They are right around your area according to my Aunts.
    If you are around Buggy Country this weekend watch out for the kids racing home from Church. It’s fun to watch. The market at St Jacobs is not to be missed either.

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