Wow, Lake Superior Is Superior!

We had such an enjoyable drive today with most of it along the shores of Lake Superior. A good portion of Highway 17, which is also the Trans Canada Highway, reminded us of Highway 97 in the Caribou region of British Columbia.

There were several pullouts with views of Lake Superior.

I couldn’t decide which picture to use so I posted both of them 🙂

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes and is shared by Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. It has a surface area of 82,103 km, 31,700 sq. miles and is considered the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. The lake has a maximum depth of 406 m, 1,333 ft., it is 563 km, 350 miles, in length and 257 km, 160 miles, in width. Lake Superior has over 400 islands with the largest being 207 square miles and it contains as much water as all the other Great Lakes combined! I could quote many more facts but I’m sure you get the idea about how impressive … or superior … it is 🙂

We stopped at Pebble Beach in Marathon, Ontario for lunch … how is this for lunch with a view!

For almost an hour we ate lunch and walked along the beach listening to the waves crash in. I really felt like we were at the ocean and I kept expecting a cruise ship to pass by!

I will leave you with this very creative positioning of solar panels!

First United Church in Wawa, Ontario

Until next time …


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