Will it Ever End :-(

Yesterday before we loaded up and prepared to leave Brandon, Manitoba hubby went out and started the truck and we were very please when it fired right up. Since that went so well, and it was early, he decided to check out Maxx’s brakes and bearings and that’s when he noticed one of the tires had a slash in it! It appears that a piece on our main slide hit the tire on one of the many bumps we hit during our travels from Russell to Brandon and almost sliced the tire right open. On the positive side, at least he noticed it before the tire blew and it was one of the tires we had planned to replace anyway. Last summer we replaced Maxx’s two rear tires and had planned on changing the two front tires this summer but they still had lots of life left in them. So off we went to the tire store and $396.03 later Maxx now has two new shoes and we were finally able to leave Brandon after dropping more than $1,000, I hope they appreciate our contribution to their economy.

The weather wasn’t great yesterday, foggy, warm, and very humid, so instead of stopping in Winnipeg for the night we decided continue on.

I guess hubby felt like driving because we drove for seven hours and we made it all the way to Dryden, Ontario.

Actually I think we were both just done with Manitoba and didn’t want to spend any more money there 🙂

Until next time …

4 thoughts on “Will it Ever End :-(

  1. You missed Winnipeg? Not that we think you should go back, but the new Museum, Assiniboine Park and the confluence of the rivers downtown are definitely great spots to spend some time. Hope things go well from here on for you. It’s a loooong way past Lake Superior.

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    • We did a brief Costco stop in Winnipeg but we figured we had spent enough money in Manitoba and there is a good chance we will be back that way again. Thanks for the suggestions of places to see for our next visit!


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