Up And Running :-)

Yippee! It appears the truck is back in tip top shape 🙂  We were up early yesterday and arrived at the dealership at 7:00 a.m. After more investigation and thought hubby was pretty sure at least one of our batteries needed replacing so he had the shop check them out first. Sure enough one battery needed to be replaced and since we were replacing one we decided to replace both of them, $361.00 dollars later the new batteries were in and the truck appears to be running well. We also decided to replace the windshield wiper blades so all totaled it cost us around $410.00 … much better than I was expecting.

I am so happy that we were able to get the truck fixed in Brandon, Manitoba because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Deloraine, Manitoba, which is 112 km south of Brandon. It really is out of our way on our trek across Canada and you may ask, what was so important about visiting Deloraine that you would make such a detour. Well the 83rd richest man in Canada in 2015, fashion designer Peter Nygard lived there as a child when his parents immigrated from Finland. Along with that, the town is home to one of only two stone bank vaults still in existence in western Canada and it was once home to the only commercial coal mine in Manitoba’s history. Although all of those are very significant historical facts the real reason for our visit to Deloraine is the fact that my mom was born there and I wanted to see the town and visit the cemetery where some of my ancestors lay.

So after getting our new batteries we headed off for Deloraine. Along the way we were very surprised to see two pelicans swimming in the water beside the highway. We had no idea that pelicans lived in Manitoba, but it appears that it is home to the American White Pelican.

And then we arrived in Deloraine, population around 900.

The rest of this blog is probably only of interest to my family … and really probably only my sister, but here is what we saw.

The first thing we came across was a huge tower that looks like a cell phone tower but it is actually full of metal bird cages.


We then parked and took a walk through town.

Main Street

Town Square

After a walk through town and on the advice of some friendly ladies at the Post Office we headed off to the Municipal Office to see if I could find out were my mom lived. Not really expecting them to have any information about residents some 80 years ago we were really surprised when they pulled out a book about residents of Deloraine from 1890 to 1980! And I was even more amazed when I found my Great Grandparents and their descendants; it even listed my mom’s name and where she was living in her later years.

We weren’t able to find the family farm but we did visit Lovett Street where my Great Grandparents moved after they left the farm. On the corner is the Anglican Church where my Great Grandmother was very active.

Lovett Street

Obviously not the original church but I think it is the same location as the original.

After lunch we drove out to the cemetery expecting to find a very small cemetery where I could easily find my family members. Fortunately for us a volunteer was working on some landscaping and she was more than willing to look up information for us because it turned out Deloraine has a very large cemetery!

I spent a very enjoyable few hours visiting with my Great Grandparents and some of my Great Aunts and Uncles, while hubby cleaned up their tombstones. My grandparents moved out to Vancouver, British Columbia when my mom was young so their graves are not in Deloraine. I will share the following pictures with you because I was amazed at how well one of the tombstones turned out after hubby spent some time with a wire brush cleaning it, and seriously who drives around with a wire brush in their truck! I think hubby has a never-ending pit in his tool chest because he is always pulling out weird and wonderful things when we need them 🙂

My grandfather’s sister who passed away as a baby.

Beautiful tree lined streets

It was with a little bit of sadness that I bid farewell to Deloraine, Manitoba but we sure enjoyed our visit.

Farewell Deloraine Manitoba

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “Up And Running :-)

  1. I’m so jealous! Deloraine looks like a nice small town to grown up in. Hubs did an awesome job on the tombstone, I can’t believe how well it cleaned up. Just imagine, it probably hasn’t been cleaned in 108 years! I’ll add all your pics to our family tree. Thanks Sis!

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