Another Late Start :-(

Well yesterday didn’t start off any better than the day before; once again the truck wouldn’t start. Hubby switched the two batteries around and when that didn’t work he took the starter apart, made sure everything was working, installed it back in the truck, and confidently jumped in to start it … and nothing 😦

Now he was stumped and we knew we would have to take it into a dealer to have it fixed. The only problem was, we were in a very small town with no option for service, and somehow we had to get the truck into Brandon, Manitoba two hours away. Well a call to the Good Sam Emergency Roadside Service proved that it is impossible to get any type of towing service on Sunday’s in a small town. They did agree that we needed a tow into Brandon, once they figured out where Manitoba was :-), but we would have to wait until today to get any service. Rather than sit in Russell overnight hubby decided to put the generator on the batteries and see if he could get enough of a charge to get the truck started and finally after almost an hour, and when we were about to give up, the truck started! We quickly got Maxx ready and headed off for Brandon where we spent last night and hopefully we can get the truck into the Dodge dealer for servicing today. Hubby is pretty sure it is more than just the batteries because we couldn’t get the fan or air conditioner to work either so it sounds like something electronic. Fingers crossed it doesn’t cost us a fortune to fix.

Until next time …

6 thoughts on “Another Late Start :-(

  1. Not something you want to happen so early in your new adventure but I’m sure it is fixable and better now than down the road!! You two can deal with it. Thinking about you . Delma

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  2. I think this is karma …… the truck is telling you that you should be back home having coffee with your friends on Tuesdays! Well maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part ….. hope its an easy ( and cheap) fix and that you are back on the road again soon. 🙂

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