A Late Start But On To New Roads!

We had planned for a little later start yesterday as hubby was helping out installing a new garage door on the shop at the farm but it ended up being much later than planned. The garage door was at the point that they no longer needed extra muscle so hubby jumped into the truck to hook up Maxx but it wouldn’t start 😦  After a little trouble shooting he finally decided the problem was corrosion on the starter connection. Well that was good news, he could easily fix that problem but in order to do so he wanted to get the truck into the shop so that he could jack it up and get underneath and that meant he had to help finish up the garage door. Once he had the truck up on the jack it was an easy fix and the truck started like a charm … let’s hope that really was the problem.

So after a quick supper, which is better known as lunch, we got on the road. We now feel like we are really starting our trip across Canada because we are on new, to us, roads. We arrived in Russell, Manitoba around 5:00 p.m. last night. Russell has a population of 1,611 and is mainly a grain and cattle farming area.  We rode our bikes through town and were totally impressed with how tidy and pretty it was.  Most of the houses are heritage homes and beautifully maintained and all of the residential streets are lined on either side with huge Dutch Elm trees.  I can just imagine how pretty this town is in the fall!

I only had my cell phone with me so this is not the best picture.

The town very thoughtfully provides RV sites at Russell Peace Park in the centre of town.

The park has nine sites, all with power, and it’s totally free! They do ask for a donation and we were happy to give it as the park is very nice and we enjoyed a quiet night.

Until next time …

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