The Fields of Saskatchewan

One of the things I love the most about Saskatchewan is the beauty of all the different fields of crops. We saw so many more than the pictures below but I forgot to take my camera a few times and other times we were on the Trans Canada and hubby just wasn’t willing to stop so that I could take pictures 🙂




But grains aren’t the only things grown on the land in Saskatchewan. We had a good time visiting with the farm animals as well.

Duke and Maisy are fainting goats. When a fainting goat feels panic their muscles freeze for roughly three seconds, which generally results in the goat collapsing on its side. I guess we are not scary people because we never saw Duke and Maisy faint.



We arrived on the farm just as a load of sheep went off to the processing plant.  I’m glad I didn’t make friends with them, it would have been hard to see them go.  The sheep left behind were pretty cute and quickly made their way to the fence for a visit.

Baba was cute and friendly. He is in a separate pen with Neil to keep Neil company.

Neil is the only male sheep and he has to be kept separate from the females until the time is right … I’m sure you know what I mean 🙂   Neil was very friendly and wouldn’t stand far enough away from me while I was in his pen so I had to wait until I was outside to get his picture. All the sheep thought my clothing was very tasty and I had a hard time stopping them from chewing on it!

And of course every farm needs horses. Trigger and Milan were also very friendly.

Until next time …

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