To The Farm Holly!

If you have ever visited a farm in Saskatchewan you will know there are no road signs along the way, so when we left Saskatoon yesterday morning I put the GPS coordinates of hubby’s cousins farm into Holly, our GPS, and we set off. Things went well until we got close to the farm and Holly told us to turn onto a gravel range road. We were pretty sure we were turning to soon but we decided to follow Holly’s directions. All was well as we drove our first nine kilometers but then she wanted us to turn into someone’s driveway. Uh oh we thought, this isn’t good! Hubby continued on the road, ignoring Holly’s telling us to turn onto goat trails … doesn’t she know we are towing a 35 foot fifth wheel? Of course she should know since she is programmed with all that information but she sure wasn’t taking it into account. Eventually we could see a landmark in the distance, a church that we both recognized, so we knew we were finally going the right way. Or were we?

When Holly told us to turn right at the next cross road, we looked at each other and thought, okay that could be right, so we made the turn. The road was decent for the first kilometer and then it started to get narrow, and then a little narrower, and eventually we were on a grass trail!

At least it was a pretty drive!

The only upside to the grass trail was it was much smoother than the gravel roads. As we carried on the fields of grain grew much taller but eventually the road widened and we could see the farm in the distance. Fortunately we arrived safe and sound and all was well inside Maxx, but I can honestly say this was a trip for the record book. I just kept thinking some poor farmer was probably out there working on his field and looked up to see the top of Maxx driving through his crop 🙂

Until next time …


4 thoughts on “To The Farm Holly!

  1. Gps can be a challenge, can’t it. Our instructions to my cousin’s farm a few years ago were much more direct. ‘Up highway 28 to the old tractor, left until you passed the 3 grainaries, right until the road was washed out. Driveway will be on your right.’ And we found it!

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    • Haha! Those directions were similar to the ones we received last year when we came out here and they worked great but last year we came in from Regina. This year we were coming down from Saskatoon and forgot to get “farmer” directions so we had to rely on Holly, it was an interesting ride 🙂

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  2. That sounds like quite the ride. I’m enjoying all the info you’re giving on your posts but…. now I’m craving saskatoon muffins! Looks like you’re having great weather too.

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