Elk Island Park, Alberta

Elk Island is another Parks Canada campground and the price is the same as Wapiti, $25.80 per night for an unserviced site plus the one time reservation fee of $13.50. The reservation fee was a little easier to take this time because we were staying five nights. I was a little shocked when I added up what it would cost someone who wanted to stay in a Parks Canada site for one night. In order to enter a national park you must buy a pass, which costs $19.80 for a vehicle and two people per day and is in addition to the campsite fee, reservation fee, and fire permit of $8.80 per day. So if you reserved ahead and want to enjoy your evening sitting around a campfire, and don’t have an annual Parks Canada pass, it would cost you a whopping $67.90 for an unserviced site!

We plan on visiting many National Parks on our trip across Canada so we purchased an annual pass which will make our stays much cheaper and we also don’t plan on reserving in advance so that will also save us money. Our future sites in one of Canada’s national parks should only cost us $25.80 per night plus an additional $8.80 if we decide we want a fire, and FYI if you carry a propane fire with you and plan on using that, it will still cost you for a fire permit.

We stayed in the Astotin Lake Campground and were fortunate to get one of the only sites, in the main loop, that is suitable for a big rig, most of the campsites are small and more suited toward tents or very small RV’s. There is another loop that is identified for RV’s but, like Wapiti, those sites are more like a parking lot with a picnic table on a small sliver of grass.

The cabin behind our site was built in July and didn’t show in the pictures on the web site when I booked our site last May.

What most of the sites look like. The campground emptied out Thursday morning and we were pretty much by ourselves but it filled up on the weekend.

Fortunately our site was big enough to add our son’s tent and unlike BC Parks they did not charges another nightly fee. We enjoyed our weekend camping together and sitting around the campfire sharing lots of laughs. I also made every effort to get in as many baby snuggles as possible because when we return home our youngest grandson will be a year old … thank goodness for Facetime, at least we will be able to see him grow!

Our son and daughter-in-law had pre wedding festivities to attend on Saturday night and the wedding Sunday morning so they left our grandson with us Saturday and we drove him home Sunday afternoon. Saturday afternoon we took him down to the Bison Festival in the beach area near the campground. Since he is only four months old I’m really not sure he got much out of it but he did enjoy his new stuffed baby bison named Tyson 🙂 This park has a lot to offer and we were never bored.


Tomorrow I will tell you about the rest of the park which is definitely worth a visit!

Until next time …


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