And On The Topic Of Laundry

Well I was just discussing laundry yesterday so I thought I would also share this very valuable tip I learned … in a laundry room at an RV Park in California. I would really miss meeting and talking to people if I didn’t have to go to the laundry room to do my laundry!

Anyway here is the awesome tip I was told about in California. In the US supermarkets sell something called Color Catchers in the laundry isle … sadly these are not sold in Canada so I always stock up before we head home for the summer.

If you throw a Color Catcher sheet in with your load of laundry you can wash all colors together and any color that bleeds is picked up by the Color Catcher sheet. These sheets really work, I wash my whites with jeans and have never had a problem … of course you need to make your own decision cause I don’t want to be blamed if something happens to your laundry 🙂  But I find using these sheets allows me to use fewer loads and saves me money.

Color Catcher

Today we are packing up and hopefully leaving the rain and thunderstorms behind! We are now heading to Elk Island National Park for five nights of camping and some of those nights we will be joined by our youngest son and his family.

Until next time …

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