Thanks For The Invite, Can We Bring Our Laundry?

We are enjoying our time in Edmonton visiting with our two sons’ and their families.

Yesterday we were invited over to our youngest son’s place and I don’t think they were the least bit surprised when the laundry came as well. In fact our oldest son was probably wondering where the laundry was when we all got together at their house for dinner on Friday. I always laugh when hubby’s cousin’s wife, in Palm Desert California, invites us over because she always includes the laundry in her invite 🙂

Aside from getting rid of our garbage when we are in our daughter’s driveway, the biggest challenge I have is laundry. When we were searching for a new RV I really wanted a washer and dryer included but Maxx met all our other needs and we had no plans for travel other than weekends and holidays so I thought I could give up that feature. As it turned out we both retired much sooner than we thought and became full time RVers and now I really wish I had held out for the washer and dryer!

So if we stop by your place on our travels would you mind inviting the laundry in for a visit 🙂

Until next time …


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