The World Of Toilet Paper

What does this have to do with our travels across Canada you may ask? When we head down to the states for the winter we always stock up with a six month supply of toilet paper but because we are going to be gone for almost ten months this year we decided to purchase toilet paper along the way. This probably brings up another question in your mind, why on earth would these people carry that much toilet paper; surely they know you can purchase toilet paper at any grocery store!

If you own an RV you probably know that only certain types of toilet paper are suitable for black water tanks. The best toilet paper breaks down quickly and believe me not all toilet papers do that. does an excellent job of explaining how to test toilet paper and we have been using their test since we purchased our first RV. Basically you take one square of toilet paper and place it in a container with one cup of water, give it a quick shake, let it sit for 12 hours and watch how it breaks down. And don’t think that just because you purchase your toilet paper from an RV store it will break down, we have tested several and they remained a solid clump.

For years we have been using Western Family Premium Soft toilet paper from Save On Foods as we found it broke down the best. The problem with Western Family products is they are not available in the US so that is the reason we stock up before we head south for the winter. When a rep from told us that Kirkland toilet paper from Costco worked well for RV’s we figure we were set, there are Costco’s all over Canada and the US. Not wanting to trust our black water tank to someone else we tested the Kirkland brand before using it and it turned out that it doesn’t break down at all! Maybe Kirkland has changed their supplier, as others have told us they did the test and the paper broke down, but for whatever reason it didn’t break down for us.

Now we had a problem, what toilet paper should we buy, do we have to stock up with Western Family … enough for ten months! We were able to get samples of five different brands of toilet paper which are sold both in the US and Canada and found a few that worked well. I thought I would share the results with you because I know from experience how hard it is to get just one square of toilet paper to test and if you are a full time RVer you have no need for packages of toilet paper that you can’t use 🙂

Purex Pure Comfort – Pink Label

Royale Original

Great Value Ultra Soft from Walmart

Cashmere Ultra Luxe

Charmin Ultra Soft

We were very happy with the results of the Purex, Royale, and Great Value toilet paper, we definitely would not use Cashmere or Charmin, but please don’t go by our results, always do your own test. When we purchase our first package of toilet paper in the US we will definitely test it again just in case the suppliers are different.

Hubby says I should insert a “crappy” joke here!

And just so you know, our time in Edmonton hasn’t been all about toilet paper, we have enjoyed spending time with our two son’s and their families 🙂

Until next time …


7 thoughts on “The World Of Toilet Paper

  1. Interesting post, Maxx. You must have a lot of basement storage if you can take 6 months of toilet paper with you! I think all RVer’s struggle with the toilet paper issue and most of us have had problems from time to time. Messy problems too. I agree that formulations change from time to time, so you have a great idea about checking regularly.
    Personally, I use Purex pink in Canada, and my second choice is Compliments Satiny Smooth. In the US, we have had good luck with Angel Soft. We have had bad experiences with Charmin and Great Northern.
    Happy travels!

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    • Do you not use Purex Pink in the US because they don’t sell it? I thought I was being totally smart with that choice! Thanks for the tip on Compliments, we may have to give that a try if we can’t get Purex. We also used Angel Soft once when we ran out of toilet paper our first year and it did break down well. Thanks for your input Jeannie, it is appreciated 🙂

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  2. We get ours at the RV department of Walmart. It’s expensive, but since we had an issue our first year in AZ ( it’s a sickening feeling to open the valve and nothing comes out) we’ve stuck with their 2 layer brand and been quite happy. Who knew I would be talking TP over lunch.


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