Wapiti Campground, Jasper Alberta

While in Jasper we stayed at Wapiti Campground in Jasper National Park. Wapiti is a Parks Canada campground and it was the first time we had stayed at a Parks Canada Site. I had made a reservation and that turned out to be the right move as the campground was full when we arrived.

When I booked I knew we would only be there for one night so I booked an unserviced site. We usually choose to stay in unserviced sites because, not only are they cheaper, they usually are nicer sites with more privacy. If the full hookup sites we saw at Wapiti were they only ones they had then we definitely made the right decision! The full hookup sites were a paved parking lot with a small boulevard of grass in behind.

The site we had was surrounded by trees and was a good size but that’s about the end of the positive stuff. Our site was $25.00 a night but we also had to pay a $13.50 reservation fee and then we had to purchase a fire permit for $8.50 a day although the fire permit does give you access to unlimited firewood. So we ended up paying $47.00 for an unserviced site with the picnic table and fire pit on the wrong side of Maxx and we were warned not to walk through the woods because there were a lot of bears in the area. In fact there was a pile of bear scat by our wood pile!


We did enjoy our night by the fire roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with our bear spray on the table between us.

And our grandson was very please that he finally perfected roasting a marshmallow … he roasted three beauties in a row!

We are staying at another Parks Canada site next week so I will let you know if it is any different.

Until next time …


9 thoughts on “Wapiti Campground, Jasper Alberta

  1. I totally agree with your comments, but really, there are no other choices, are there? Jasper is a wonderful place to visit, and the demand for campsites is high. And everything is expensive in the National Park system, like hotels, and icefield tours. But I am glad that the park system is protecting the area. What irks me is the $13 reservation fee. Gimme a break.

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  2. That looks like the most PERFECT marshmallow!! Well done grandson. Sounds like you are having fun!! Love Delma ps enjoying your posts–looking forward to the next 9 months!!

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    • We hit torrential rain coming in yesterday but today has been sunny and warm with more of that in the forecast … fingers crossed. Although they had tornado warnings in Lloydminister today and that’s were we are headed next but not for 10 days so hopefully they get that out of their system! Hopefully you arrived home to better weather 🙂


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