Getting Ready :-)

We only have a few more days before we pull out of our daughter’s driveway and start on our next big adventure! We are busy getting organized and meeting up with friends and family for farewell meals. Last night was our last Sunday dinner with our daughter and her family. Since they were away camping for the weekend and wouldn’t arrive home until Sunday afternoon I made dinner and took it over to the house. When we arrived upstairs we were greeted with fiesta decorations for our farewell party.


What I thought was going to be a sad dinner turned out to be a fun filled evening with lots of laughter and Mexican music in the background. Now you may wonder why a fiesta theme when our trip will be in Canada and the US. Well it turned out they were the only decorations they could find and since we usually visit Los Algodones, Mexico when we are in Yuma, and often bring the kids back some little trinket, the decorations seemed to fit. Our daughter said she tried to find a “Going Away” balloon because she wanted to cross out the “ing” and make it a “Go Away” balloon but she had no luck 🙂

I am really going through a lot of emotions this week. Although I am really looking forward to all the new places we will see, I am having a hard time leaving our family for almost nine months. And yes I know technology will help with that but it’s just not the same as warm squeezy hugs 😦

But on the up side we will no longer have to worry about what to do with our garbage! I know that sounds like a funny thing to say but it is our biggest challenge while parked in the driveway. A family of six generates a full garbage can every week, even though they are avid recyclers and composter’s, so there is no room for our garbage. Usually it works out that we are away when the garbage bag gets full so we can dump it at whatever RV Park or campground we are staying in, but occasionally that doesn’t work and we have to get more creative … so like I said the up side is soon we will have no problem getting rid of our garbage … I really need to focus on the positive sides of our upcoming adventure!

Until next time …

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