Mill Bay Casino, Manson, WA

We spent last night in the field behind the Mill Bay Casino. We often stayed at the casino in the past when we would come to Chelan for the weekend. When we used to come we could stay for as long as we wanted but now the casino only allows RVers to stay for one night without spending anything. You still need to apply for the Players Card and if you gamble $20.00 in the casino you can stay another night and so on up to a maximum of five nights. The casino has about ten spaces along the road at the front of the lot that have power, which is nice, but the downfall to these sites is the road noise and major noise if there is an event going on at their amphitheater. There were a few spaces left when we arrived but there was a major event going on and it was very loud so we opted to park in the back field.

Generally we tend to camp at the back because it is quieter and there is more space, the only time we try to get up front is when it is really hot and we need the power to run the air conditioner. Hubby has Maxx set up so that we can use it exactly the same with or without being hooked up to power unless we need to run the air conditioner. The air conditioner just uses too much power to start it and our solar panels and inverter can’t handle it, but while it was warm yesterday it cooled down enough at night to sleep.

Today we are back at the Lakeshore RV Park for two nights and are looking forward to sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying time with good friends 🙂

Until next time …

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