Pedestrian Safety

The one thing that has really stuck out about Chelan, WA during the years we have visited is the concern the city shows for pedestrian safety. At every cross walk, other than those with traffic lights, there is a set of green flags which pedestrians use to cross the street. I have never seen this before and I think it is a great idea; it definitely makes pedestrians stand out when they are crossing the street.

Recently the city has begun replacing some of the crossing flag stations with pushbutton-activated flashing beacons. While these may be even safer for pedestrians I will be kinda of sad so see the green flags go 🙂

We have spent the last two nights at Lakeshore RV Park on the shores of Lake Chelan. The nice thing about this park is the location, easy walking distance to Chelan’s main street, the not so nice part is the crowds! All of our past visits to here have been in Spring and Fall when the park is less than 50% full, last night the park was 100% full and we realized just how crowded it can get. I think future visits will once again be in the off-season.

When we booked last month we were only able to get a reservation for two nights so today we are heading up to the Mill Bay Casino in Manson, WA, about fifteen minutes from Chelan. This park is full tonight and although we were hoping for a cancellation that didn’t come through but there are sites available again starting Sunday. Since the main reason for this trip was to meet up with friends who are staying here until Wednesday we decided to move up to the casino tonight and then return here for Sunday and Monday night. And the weather is definitely improving so it will be nice to be here and enjoy some lazy days sitting by the lake and visiting with good friends.

Until next time …


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