Omak, Washington

Omak is a small town about one hour south of the Canadian border. The city was incorporated 11 February 1911 and currently has a population of 4,835. I think Omak really hit it’s stride back in 1993 when they opened up a Walmart Supercentre and Canadian’s made it their first stop after crossing the border to stock their RV’s.

The first time we spent any time in Omak was in the late 1980’s to late 1990’s when hubby and I would take our city’s parade float to Omak for the Omak Stampede parade.

In 1987-1988 our daughter was Lady of the Lake and travelled around Western Canada and northern Washington promoting our city. Many of these trips included attending festivals and riding on the float. She enjoyed her time doing this and talking to people about what our city had to offer. When she was done her year hubby and I decided we should volunteer to take over the parade float and provide fun for future Lady of the Lake’s. That volunteer position allowed us to spend time in many different cities, including Omak.

This looks like a great place to eat breakfast!

One of my fondest memories of the Omak parade was a year when our daughter and son-in-law joined us with our granddaughter who was three at the time. We arrived at the set-up area early in the morning, before breakfast, and while we were setting up our daughter gave our granddaughter a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Our granddaughter took her cereal, walked into the middle of the street and sat down to eat her breakfast. Fortunately the street was closed so she was safe but we did get a good laugh!

In later years, like last night, Omak is where we spend our first night after crossing the border so that we can restock the fridge. Sometimes we stay in the Walmart parking lot, which is what we did last night, and other times we stay at the RV Park on the Stampede Grounds. While the Walmart parking lot is free, and now has free WiFi, it can be noisy. The Stampede Grounds also have free WiFi, sites set along the river, and we noticed this year they have a Good Sam rate ($25.00 a night for full hook-up, $22.50 a night if you are a Good Sam member).

Last night we had dinner at a new to us restaurant in Omak, the Breadline Café.

This eclectic café is housed in a historic bottling plant; from 1908 to 1970 the building was home to Omak Beverages who manufactured pop and beer. The walls are decorated with vintage signs and interesting antiques surround each table.


One of the more popular items in the café is the Bread Bar. Similar to a salad bar, the bread bar contains different varieties of home made bread, regular butter, garlic butter, and oil and vinegar. This café is definitely worth a visit!

Until next time …


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