Sutherland Falls, BC

Located within Blanket Creek Provincial Park is Sutherland Falls. As we were driving out of the park to head into Revelstoke we noticed the sign for the falls and thought we would take a look. The rain had let up and the sign in the parking lot said it was a five-minute walk to the falls so we thought we would take a look. In reality it was a two-minute walk before we arrived at the falls which drop about 45 feet from the canyon near the mouth of Blanket Creek.

While searching the Internet to try and find more information about Sutherland Falls I came across the World Waterfall Database … who knew there was such a thing!

Here is what the site had to say about the falls: “Sutherland Falls is pretty and can be a rather powerful waterfall as Blanket Creek isn’t exactly a small stream, but in such a waterfall-laden region as British Columbia it doesn’t exactly stand out among its peers. Its well known, easy to access and still worth visiting, but considering it a major waterfall in BC is a stretch.”

They probably make a good point but I was still impressed!

I was also impressed by how powerful the water was!

Until next time …


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