Three Strikes!

Last month friends of ours asked if we wanted to join them for a weekend of camping and hubby and I didn’t give it a second thought, of course we would! The next decision was where to go. On our way home from a camping trip with them last year we drove by Blanket Creek Provincial Park near Revelstoke, B.C. and thought it would be worth a trip back, so I suggested we go there. Fast-forward to yesterday … hubby and I came up a few nights early, our friends are still working and will join us for the weekend.

We left home shortly before noon and made a stop at Swansea Point on Mara Lake to visit friends who have their motorhome parked on a lot they purchased in a small park. We were anxious to see their set up and were impressed with the work they have done so far. When done they will have a guest room, three piece washroom, storage room, and a nice outdoor kitchen along with a roof top deck with a hot tub. The park they are in is along the shores of Mara Lake and would be an awesome place to spend the summer. Hubby and I talked about it during our hour and a half drive to the campsite, but in the end we decided it was too far from our family and friends, if only we could find a park like that in our home town.

About 60 km from the campsite the rain started to fall and it came down hard! Before leaving home I had checked the weather forecast and today was 0% chance of rain, 20% tomorrow, and then 90% for the weekend. Hmm yesterday’s rain wasn’t supposed to happen! Oh well, maybe the weather is coming early and the weekend will be good, or at least that’s what I’m hoping. Really rain isn’t a big deal to us but our friend’s camp in a small tent so I’m crossing my fingers that the weather improves. So that was strike one.

We arrived at the campground and found out that the site I had reserved was way to small for us to fit into. I’m not sure what happen, I put in our size when I made the reservation and the web site said we would fit. Strike two.

So now what? Well the upside of the rain meant the first come first serve spaces were still empty and we were able to find a nice spot in one of them, things are looking up!

We pull into our site and hit the auto level button … and strike three! ERROR flashed across the screen. After some troubleshooting hubby found out the motor in the right rear jack wasn’t working. Fortunately hubby being hubby managed to get us level and we will worry about the jack when we get home. The good thing is it should be covered under our extended warranty and hopefully we can get it fixed before we head out on our next trip in less than two weeks.

The rain stopped long enough for me to take a quick picture and then it started up again.

I know there isn’t a strike four but I am going to give that to the fact that we have very spotty cell service here.

But I like to look at the positives so let’s end that way … This is a really nice park and if the rain lets up we will do some hiking and wander down to the beach, and as long as the rain doesn’t scare them off, we will get to spend the weekend with good friends.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Three Strikes!

  1. So, another camping trip with friends and it rains …. hmmmmm….. the common denominator seems to be …… ????????? Ha ha … have fun, and watch for those rainbows !!!!!

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