Paul’s Tomb

Yesterday we took a hike out to Paul’s Tomb with our daughter and her family. We have done this hike many times but until writing this blog I never really knew the story of Paul’s Tomb.

In 1905 Rembler Paul and his wife Elizabeth arrived in Kelowna, British Columbia where they built a large home on one of the main streets. Shortly after completing their home Rembler decided to build a vacation home on a patch of land five miles north of town on the shores of Okanagan Lake. Sadly Elizabeth fell ill and was only able to visit the vacation home once before she passed away. Rembler had a tomb constructed on the vacation property and laid Elizabeth to rest. Two years later Rembler Paul passed away and he joined his wife in the tomb. Today all you can see is the very crest of the tomb but visitors from all over the world enjoy hiking and swimming on what was once the Paul’s vacation land.

On the other side of Okanagan Lake you can see Bear Creek Provincial Park where we stayed a few weeks ago.

And of course I couldn’t resist taking pictures of wildflowers which, according to our daughter, I post way to many pictures of!


Until next time …


4 thoughts on “Paul’s Tomb

  1. Love that hike! I agree with your sis about no such thing as too many flower pics–loved the mock orange one!! Thanks also for the history lesson–I never knew that!!

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