More Balloons :-) & Truck Repairs :-(

While in Sedona we enjoyed our morning coffee while watching hot air balloons land. Today those pleasant memories flood back as we drank our coffee and watch hot air balloons float by while we are parked in our daughter’s driveway.

It was a good thing hubby had nice views while enjoying his coffee because once breakfast was done he was back outside working on Maxx’s buddy. Yesterday I was going out and as I put my foot on the brake and started up the truck I noticed the brake pedal was very hard and didn’t feel right. Hubby checked under the hood and found the serpentine belt had come off and was worn partially through, but of course it couldn’t be that easy or cheap! Once he had the belt off and took a closer look he noticed the water pump pulley was on a bit of an angle, which meant the bearings in the pump had gone and the water pump needed to be replaced. Since he had to replace the water pump he decided he might as well replace the thermostat and flush and clean the coolant system and, because he was already at the part store, it seemed only reasonable to replace the fuel and air filters. The total cost was just under $600.00 and I’m sure there will be many hours of labour, but considering this is the first thing he has had to fix on the truck I figure we didn’t get off to bad, and really the fuel and air filters are regular maintenance so they don’t really count.

Hubby and I are just grateful the breakdown didn’t happen next week while we were on our next adventure with Maxx following along 🙂

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “More Balloons :-) & Truck Repairs :-(

  1. Timing is everything. Good thing you’re taking care of those items on the truck while you’re comfortably parked. Break downs while pulling are the WORST! Looks like your daughter lives in a beautiful area. I always enjoy my morning coffee while hot air balloons float by 🙂

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