Goodbye Paradise :-)

Well our time at Bear Creek Provincial Park has come to an end, and it has been a great nine nights 🙂 While we would love to stay longer, you can stay a maximum of fourteen nights, we had to leave for a couple of reasons. This is a long weekend in BC, Victoria Day, and the campground is fully book. Starting today through the Labour Day Weekend at the beginning of September 100% of the sites in this park can be reserved, and since this park is so popular it is almost impossible to get a reservation! Reservations can be made three months in advance and you had better be on the website the minute it opens because the sites go fast. Along with the $35.00 nightly fee (which is dry camping only, there are no serviced sites in the park) you also pay a $6.00 reservation fee for the first three nights.

But the main reason we are heading home today is because our son, daughter-in-law, and newest grandson are coming for a visit! No matter how awesome it is to sit by the lake and listen to the birds and waves wash in, this grandma is heading home for snuggle time!

2016-05-18 -005- Okanagan Lake

We spent our last day sitting by the lake watching a mother duck and her ducklings.

2016-05-17 -003- Ducks

Occasionally the drake would join them.

2016-05-18 -001- Ducks

We spent an enjoyable evening sitting along the shores of Okanagan Lake and watched the City of Kelowna light up.

2016-05-18 -006- Okanagan Lake & Wine

2016-05-18 -007- Kelowna Skyline at Night 2016-05-18 -011- Kelowna Skyline at Night 2016-05-18 -013- Kelowna Skyline at Night

And we ended our evening around the campfire.

2016-05-18 -017- Campfire

If you ever have the opportunity to spend some time at this park I have no doubt you will enjoy it!

Until next time …


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